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VID(S) | OUAT, Avengers, SG-1 Update

It occurs to me that I haven't posted the last four of my videos here...partially because I was too lazy to re-upload them after YT blocked embeds, and partially because I meant to go back in and fix two of them (but have now realized I never will). So if you're bored and want to watch random stuff, have at it!

1. Soldier (SG-1 Team): Made for colls for a AO3 vidders exchange awhile back...I had planned to revamp this as an all-inclusive Stargate video (mostly because SGU has some awesome teamy moments), but I don't know if that will ever happen.

2. Jurassic Park meets The Avengers: Made for colourexplosion in the avengers_xchng. It's pretty much what the title implies - she wanted The Avengers to fight dinosaurs and so, voila!

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Seriously...why would you do this to me? I haven't watched all season, I haven't even watched last season's finale...and then you do this and now I have to watch the series finale. Damn it!
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Vid | The Chain (Once Upon a Time)

With a new fandom, comes a new vidding muse! I could be wrong, but this may be the first truly gen video I've made for a show? Don't quote me on that though...

When I was marathoning this series a couple of weeks ago, one of the things that I really loved was how the curse was both destructive AND redemptive. So I really wanted to show the angst (because that's what I do) and the happy (because that's what I love) of Storybrooke. Spoilers for 2x05.

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Iron Man 3 Trailer #1

Not gonna lie, Iron Man isn't my favorite Avenger...hell, he's not even in the top 4. I guess I've been having Tony Stark-fatigue for the past year or so...but then I saw this aaaaand, yeah. I wasn't quite expecting that! I'll give it to the filmmakers (and trailer-makers), they came out with guns blazing.

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Just saw Bachelorette and I gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised! Be warned, it's probably not for most people. If you were okay with the humor in The Hangover, you should be okay with this. Probably the most I've liked Kirsten Dunst in something in awhile, and the three women together = awesome. Also, Adam Scott  ♥ Really, I just kinda loved all of the actors in this. Here's the trailer, if you haven't seen anything for it.