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21 April 2009 @ 02:54 am
VID: Open Your Eyes (John/Vala)  
....and now comes an end to one of the longest gestating vids in my vault. I had originally planned on finishing a John/Aeryn (Farscape) video as promised, but this one was weighing on my mind (and I seem to have hit a J/A mental roadblock).

The story to this vid is based mostly from the S3 SGA episode "Common Ground" in which Sheppard is confined to a cell next to a hungry wraith (later named Todd). I thought "why not put Vala in that other cell instead?" and thus this video was born. Ultimately, I kept the 'villain' somewhat ambiguous so that one could either see it as the Genii, the Wraith, or the Ori as they so chose. Hopefully, the unfolding story makes sense! I am no grand SGA expert, so I have to offer a great many thanks to those of you who helped me out with Sheppard clips (or offered help): nodoubtfan92, sezjara , kjcharmed , the good folks at the JF/Sheppard GW thread, and to anyone else I'm forgetting, please feel free to remind me and I'll edit this post with your name!! Also, a super special thanks to my beta milena_d who has been cheering this video on for the better part of a year and a half.

borg_princess: vala- squeeborg_princess on April 30th, 2009 12:51 am (UTC)
Lol, I kinda want to thwack you for taking those Sparky scenes and twisting it into this John/Vala vid but I am too in awe of the enormous amount of talent behind the vid to quibble over such things. Seriously, dude! The skill to make two characters that have only been in one ep together- and not even shared any real scenes at that- believably appear to have a relationship going on... *overwhelmed* I find it way too hard to construct 'stories' in my vids, I just match the lyrics to images and leave it at that, but you had this coherent story being woven throughout the vid and it was just beautiful and heartwarming and GAH, I envy you so much, damn it!

Question: what program do you use to make your vids? I'm thinking there's no way WMM can be used to produce something this awesome. That's the only way I can excuse myself and be like, 'I never had a chance anyway, we're operating on totally different playing fields'.
Stef: won't say goodbyescifi_tv_addict on April 30th, 2009 02:27 am (UTC)
Well, as a Sparky fan, know that I didn't steal their scenes out of spite. If Sheyla scenes had worked, I would have stolen those too...Sparky just has better material ;)

Stories are a....unique challenge, which is why this vid has been a nearly one and a half year labor :p It doesn't help that I'm not well-versed in non-Sparky Shep scenes. There's something exciting in creating a whole new story, I've been increasingly drawn to them these days. But thank you so much for the comments, manips have always my biggest insecurity...because I know what they're SUPPOSED to be, but what other people see them as is always up in the air!

I use Sony Vegas now. I used WMM for the longest time because I didn't want to deal with the headache of learning a newer, more complex program...but now I can't imagine living without my sweet Vegas *pets* Hey, I totally know what you're talking about with WMM. I think I used it up until like 4 videos ago...if someone said my vid sucked I'd just be like 'I use WMM! It's not my fault!' :p But WMM works fine (aside from the constant crashing), but for a video like this I needed the big guns.
borg_princess: mulder/scully-sweet nothingsborg_princess on April 30th, 2009 03:29 am (UTC)
Sparky just has better material ;)

Heh. It's almost a compliment to Sparky, if you squint and look at it a certain way... :D

WOW, I can't believe you spent so long on it! I've got a few vids languishing in unfinished hell, but if it takes more than a month, I'm pretty certain I'm never finishing them. Year and a half? DAMN, the commitment! *iz impressed*

I know telling you not to be insecure will never work, but I gotta say, the vid's level of sophistication is amazing, I never would've thought it'd work out based on the concept, but you excelled with the execution, it's just shiny and gorgeous and moving. You can be very proud! [God, I sound like I'm congratulating you on a kid or something, lol]

I use WMM 'coz I have no other choice! Is Sony something you have to buy or can you d/l it or something? Tech-novice here, I'm frustratingly ignorant regarding these computer things.
Stef: won't say goodbyescifi_tv_addict on April 30th, 2009 03:41 am (UTC)
Oh, it was a compliment ;)

Don't think I spent the whole 1+ years actually editing it. The way I work is: start a video, add some clips, bang my head against a wall, put the video aside and swear to never work on it again, start a new video and repeat the process. It's rare that I will begin a vid and finish it within the month...it takes a strong bit of inspiration, which is why only a handful of vids can makes that claim :p

*blushes* You and your flattery! (although I do appreciate it ;))

Well *cough* you're SUPPOSED to buy it (and it's pricey) but I got it a few years back through...other means ;)