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thoughts on: once upon a time (season 2)

I did this after my initial marathon of S1 last fall, so I thought I'd do one for S2 before the new season starts.

3 Favorite Episode(s)
The Crocodile (Hook/Rumpel-centric)
And Straight On Till Morning (Hook/Bae-centric)
We Are Both (Regina-centric)

Thoughts: The first two should give you an idea about what I enjoyed most about this season. I thought the introduction of Hook, how it played into the back-story of Rumpel, was a clever way to integrate that character into the series' mythology. While I had several problems with this season (mostly pertaining to flow and emotional follow-through), the finale managed to make me forget a lot of it. I think this was one of the best uses of the flashback device - it actually affected the present in a meaningful way. Hook's change of heart was EARNED. We Are Both, well, I just thought was a solid episode all around....and one of the few Regina ones this season that didn't make me want to hit my head against the wall (I also love the hell out of Charming being all leader-y).

3 Least Favorite Episode(s)
Selfless, Brave, and True (August-centric)
Lacey (Belle-centric)
Tiny (Anton-centric)

Thoughts: I love August, let me be upfront about that. He was one of my favorite things about S1 (even listed him in my top 3 characters), which is perhaps WHY I hated this episode so much. It was a slap in the face to not only his character, but to the history of the show. I get that sometimes actors have other commitments, or the narrative takes you in a different direction...but I would have rather had him be put off until a later date than have this forced bullshit. They erased an entire character in order to shoe-horn him into a season he, frankly, had no business being in. It still makes me angry. Lacey and Tiny were just lame, in my opinion. I'll admit that I hate Rumbelle, so that likely didn't help the former...and the latter was just unnecessary. That episode could have been spent on better things than a paycheck for Jorge Garcia.

3 Favorite Character(s)
Killian Jones
Prince Charming
Emma Swan
(Aurora comings in a close fourth)

Thoughts: The boys stole the season for me this go around. While Hook became a joke for a good stretch of the back half of S2, his first handful of appearances and the last two episodes made up for that. I love me some sassy anti-heroes, so he was bound to win my heart. Charming, while not having a big story this year, won me over with his unwavering hopefulness and support. Emma was just cool this year, and it was nice to see her adjusting to her new family and the new world that came with it. Aurora is just adorable as hell.

3 Least Favorite Character(s)
Greg Mendel

Thoughts: Belle's position didn't change from last year, despite "character growth" (which still felt more like fodder for Rumpel's character). Speaking of dear, sweet Rumpel...he came out of this season the worst. I liked him well enough after S1, I downright hated him after this season. Not because of what he did to Hook because that made sense narratively, but because of the free passes everyone keeps giving him for being a lying, murdering, patronizing asshole. Yeah, the less I say about him the better *twitch* Greg is just annoying.

Other notes

Hook/Emma, Aurora/Mulan, Snow/Charming, Red/Whale, Bae/Wendy, and Milah/Hook

New (or expanded) Characters:
Nealfire (okay), Aurora (love), Mulan (like), Anton (meh), Cora (okay), Milah (like), Hook (love), Tamara (okay), Greg (meh), Wendy (like)

Favorite Moments:
'We are both' speech (2x02), Jefferson/Grace reunion (2x02), Rumpel/Hook face-off (2x11), Cora's death (2x16),
Hook teaches Bae (2x22), Emma says 'mom/dad' (2x22)

So what were your guys' thoughts?
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