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Thoughts On: Summer Movies

I just got back from a preview screening of The Heat and I that got me to thinking that I should write down some thoughts about recent films I've seen. For my own frame of reference, at least.

The Heat: A (release date: 6/28 in US)
I had tickets for an advanced screening, so I got to see it about a month early (and for free, booyah!). I have to say that I seriously loved this don't even know. I can't remember laughing this much in the theatre. Granted, I don't see many comedies in the theatre. The humor is something that may not be for everyone (there are a lot of crude jokes and profanity abounds) but if you aren't squeamish about that kind of thing I definitely suggest checking it out. I love Bullock, and she plays the straight-man very well, but it will be McCarthy who people talk about. She gets the biggest laughs - with the exception of one sequence, which Bullock is just perfect in. The two actors balance each other out so well that you kind of want to watch a weekly show where they work together to take down perps. Also, I appreciated that the movie didn't shy away from the gender issue, it's brought up throughout...but it's never preachy or overbearing (often it's flat-out hilarious). I can't say enough about this movie.

Now You See Me: C-
If you plan on seeing this movie, take my advice and watch Inside Man, Leverage, Ocean's 11, The Italian Job, or any other decent heist movie out there instead. Despite a great cast, this movie is just...lazy. The first half I enjoyed, but the second just fell away to sloppy and half-assed plot twists. The reason why these magicians are doing this is lame. The reveal of whose behind it is lame. The tacked on love story is even more lame. The concept is interesting, even some of the visuals are cool (if clearly CGI'd), but as a whole it just fails to come together. It doesn't earn its ending, and that's why despite being an okay movie up until that point I can't rec this to anyone.

Star Trek: Into Darkness: C
Iron Man 3: A-
I saw these two relatively close together, and they act as sort of mirror opposites in my mind, so I'm going to talk about them together. Iron Man 3 is an example of how one SHOULD write a sequel, Star Trek is how one SHOULD NOT. Iron Man 3 developed its characters and relationships; they're not the same characters we met at the beginning of the movie. Tony learned something about himself, and found strength in that knowledge. Despite a promising start, I didn't feel like ST2 did the same. Kirk was meant to learn a lesson, but the theme got so muddled in the plot of the back half that I'm not even sure the writers remembered their initial point. It's oddly telling that the final shot of ST2 (Kirk coming aboard the bridge) is practically the same as the final shot of Star Trek. All of this doesn't even take into account my biggest gripe, the women. I won't go into Uhura or Carol, but I will say that I love how Pepper has grown over the course of these films. She doesn't feel like a stock love interest - I cared about her for her own sake, not just Tony's.

On an unrelated note, F*&# you, Game of Thrones.
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