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I was reminded a bit about how much I missed all of you quality people on LJ, so I thought I'd make a conscious effort to post more! Let's play catch-up. If you're so inclined, fill out this little summary report of your current fandom goings-ons!

  • Current Shows You Watch

  • Current Obsessions

  • Last Movie You Saw (and Loved)

  • Last Movie You Saw (and Hated)

  • Any new shows you're excited about? Any new movies?


Once Upon a Time, Game of Thrones, The Mindy Project, Parks & Recreation, & So You Think You Can Dance


Captain Hook/Killian Jones (Once Upon a Time)
Not gonna lie, he's the reason I checked out OUAT again after dismissing it early in S1. I love me some pirates. Anyway, he's pretty much got all of my favorite fictional things - redemption arc, daddy issues, moral ambiguity, tragic romantic past, an accent, costume/pirate garb, and prettiness. I ship him with Emma because, well, I like two strong-willed people going at each other.

Jaime Lannister (Game of Thrones)
Clearly it's the year of the one-handed characters. I'm LOVING his story arc this season with Brienne. Shockingly enough, his story is not all that dissimilar to Hook's....I may have a type. Shh. Anyway, that scene in the bathtub was probably up there as one of my all-time favorite scenes from this series.

The Women of Game of Thrones
I really don't have words for how much I'm loving the women this season. I mean, I loved Cat last season and there were plenty of other interesting characters around...but this season the women have become way more proactive in the politics game, and I absolutely LOVE it. The Tyrells added such a great new dynamic to the fight for the throne. I love seeing Margaery and Cersei go at it...or Olenna verbally bitch-slapping everyone. Also, yay, Dany is finally doing something! Seriously, I'm pretty much in love with the ladies.

Mindy/Danny (The Mindy Project)
I am a sucker for old-school banter dynamics between romantic leads. These two are just perfection in that department. I almost don't want them to get together simply because I love seeing them bicker outside of that angst.

The Women of MCU

I've been annoyed over all of the female super-heroines being passed over for lead-status in MCU's world (I seriously want a Captain Marvel or Black Widow, but I will say that they have at least been making great progress with each movie. Pepper was awesome and even badass in IM3, Sif looks pretty fierce in Thor 2, and Black Widow is getting second billing and, what looks like, some kickassness in Captain America 2. Let's hope all of this leads up to a chick FINALLY getting her own movie.

The Last Movie I Saw (and Loved)

Iron Man 3
I wasn't expecting to love this, and I'm sure if I go back and really watch it closely again I might change my mind...but I'm still on the high of Pepper being awesome, Pepper/Tony being wonderfully developed, and Tony being much more than the man he was in the first movie. This is an example of a franchise moving forward, rather than being stagnant or regressing. Speaking of which...

The Last Movie I Saw (and Hated)

Star Trek: Into Darkness
In fairness, I didn't hate this movie. I was more...letdown by it. The story was sort of all over the place, the message was lost midway through, the women were horribly one-dimensional and exploited, and the villain was....well...not particularly villainous.

New Shows I'm Excited About

Agents of SHIELD: This one should be self-evident.
The Word is SCIFI: I can't remember all of the new pilot titles, but I love that there's an influx of dysopian and/or SF titles. Although how sad is it that The CW will have more SF than the SyFy channel?
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