June 5th, 2013

emma knightley austen

Thoughts On: Summer Movies

I just got back from a preview screening of The Heat and I that got me to thinking that I should write down some thoughts about recent films I've seen. For my own frame of reference, at least.

The Heat: A (release date: 6/28 in US)
I had tickets for an advanced screening, so I got to see it about a month early (and for free, booyah!). I have to say that I seriously loved this movie...like....you don't even know. I can't remember laughing this much in the theatre. Granted, I don't see many comedies in the theatre. The humor is something that may not be for everyone (there are a lot of crude jokes and profanity abounds) but if you aren't squeamish about that kind of thing I definitely suggest checking it out. I love Bullock, and she plays the straight-man very well, but it will be McCarthy who people talk about. She gets the biggest laughs - with the exception of one sequence, which Bullock is just perfect in. The two actors balance each other out so well that you kind of want to watch a weekly show where they work together to take down perps. Also, I appreciated that the movie didn't shy away from the gender issue, it's brought up throughout...but it's never preachy or overbearing (often it's flat-out hilarious). I can't say enough about this movie.

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On an unrelated note, F*&# you, Game of Thrones.