October 12th, 2009

emma knightley austen

You Win.

Let me do a quick clearing of the air.

I f-lock my posts for a very specific reason.
I don't friend easily anymore for a very specific reason.

For the better part of two years I (and milena_d) have been hounded by someone we used to be friends with over on the Gateworld message boards. Someone who we trusted, only later to learn was untrustworthy. Long story short, this person caused both of us to leave our beloved GW thread...and she is the reason why I've had to inforce the two points listed above. It's nothing personal to anyone who wants to be friends - it's simply that this person has devised every possible way to get into my life online...including creating fake usernames in order to spy and/or harass me. Tanking video ratings, spreading lies to my friends, all in all trying to erase me. I don't like knowing that there's someone I don't trust hiding amongst my friends. It makes me hold back from saying things I want to say. It makes me question people I shouldn't be questioning.

So you know what Susan? You win.

What you win, I don't know, but I concede defeat. Now can you just leave the past be and move on?

(Sorry to all my f-listers who have no idea what I'm talking about. I usually try to refrain from personal posts but this has been something I've needed to say for a long while)