October 9th, 2009

emma knightley austen

VID: Ordinary Day (Victor/Sierra)

Let me say first off that I had no intention of vidding for these two (at least not anytime soon).

Let me secondly say...this is all milena_d's fault. She had the audacity to go to bed at a reasonable time (10:30!!) which left me alone to my own devices for the rest of the night. So I did what I normally do when I'm bored, checked my f-list and surfed YouTube. That's when I came across this song...and two things hit me:
1) I forgot how cute this song is!
2) I should make a short video for it tonight.

The more I listened, the more perfect it began to sound for Victor/Sierra. I've been wanting to make something for them for awhile now but could never figure out a workable approach. However, the combination of fluff and boredom proved too compelling to ignore and I wound up vidding this whole 1:30 video in the span of a night. Of course, I've spent the past two days tweaking things in my spare time...but still, most of this was done in like 2-3 hours (which is impressive given than I'm a psychotic perfectionist with a poor attention span).

ANYWAY, with that preamble over...I offer up my VERY FIRST DOLLHOUSE VIDEO! It is short, but I think it's a nice shot of V/S fluff. If you don't know the show or the couple, you can still watch! See what kept (and keeps) me dedicated to this series! It's less than two minutes...so it can't hurt to take a look ;)
If you're interested in an HD video download, leave me a comment and I can upload and send you a link. It's fairly large so I didn't list it on here for download.