August 4th, 2009

emma knightley austen

VID: Wake-Up Call (Teal'c/Sam, Teal'c/Vala, Cam/Sam, Vala/Daniel)

Three failed attempts later, I present to you my latest triangle video!! The original plan was to do a Daniel/Vala/Tomin video to 'Thinking of You' (by Katy Perry) but that fell through. Then, with the same triangle, I moved to 'Mess I Made' (by Parachute) which also yielded no positive results. I figured maybe I was in a more cracky mood, so I started a John/Elizabeth/Cam video (set to 'Battlefield' by Jordin Sparks)...but I drew a blank midway through. THAT'S when I turned to my dear friend milena_d for help. She picked out this song...and I came up with the idea of revolving it around Teal'c (a much neglected character in ship vids!). ANYWAY, seeing as Gab was the one who put this thought into my head, you might notice a STRONG amount of crack in here. Hope you enjoy!

SUMMARY: Teal'c is possessive of Sam and Vala - when they take up with other men (Cam and Daniel, respectively) Teal'c has to find way to remove the competition.

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