May 4th, 2009

working hard

PIMP: Icontests

Time for some icontest pimpage:

**Sign-ups are still open until May 8th (when the first icon is due) so if you're interested, there's still plenty of time. I like the idea behind this icontest because it's not a usual elimination-oriented tournamanent. Everyone who signs up plays all of the rounds...the ultimate winner will be decided by how many points they've scored total. If you sign up, feel free to tell them I sent you ;)

**Couldn't find a banner for this, but also check out scifi_icontest. This one is interesting because it's for three shows: "Battlestar Galatica," "Farscape," and "Stargate SG-1." You don't have to love all three to participate though. So stop by and check out this new community, round 1 voting is currently underway!