March 1st, 2009

emma knightley austen

VID: SG-1's Casino Royale Trailer (Daniel , Daniel/Vala)

A new Kawoosh challenge  brings a new video. I ususally want to tear my hair out making vids, but this one was actually a lot of fun.  Basicaully what we had to do was take a track from a movie trailer (including sound effects and VOs) and redo it Stargate-style. I chose one of my favorite films - Casino Royale. I've always imagined Vala as Vesper and Ba'al as Le Chifre.....but who would play Bond was a debate....but I ultimately went with Daniel, because, well, the idea made me smile. Now I love Daniel, but he ain't exactly a badass action hero (despite the 'action Jackson' nickname). But thanks to a few wonderful f-listers (check out the credits) I hopefully managed to at least make him look somewhat cool! This is Daniel-centric, but as anyone who knows the flm will attest, there is a fair amount of romance, which is why I added the Daniel/Vala tag. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!