January 21st, 2009

this says it all

THOUGHTS ON: Michael Cutter (L&O)

So you know what rocks about sci-fi/fantasy shows but sucks for a lot of procedural ones? The fandom. Now I admit that I am not a huge original!L&O fan, but I am absolutely IN.LOVE. with one of the newer characters on it, namely the ADA Michael Cutter. I don't watch the show on a regular basis but my TIVO tends to tape it so when I get bored and run out of NCIS episodes I tend to marathon - and after pretty much every episode I fall more in love with this character. I think he's probably the most dynamic ADA any of the three L&O (four if you count that short-lived series 'Conviction') series' have had. The character is so passionate and dedicated to his job (and has a *little* bit of an ego ;)) but his confidence when trying cases for some reason leaves me in a puddle of goo. It helps that half the time there seems to be a little wink behind his eyes :p

Which brings me back to the first line of this post. The fandom for this version of L&O at least (SVU has a lot more fan participation) pretty much sucks. There are a handful of fics...maybe a couple videos...but nothing that really satiates my fangirlish interests. And since I'm a shipping whore I like him with Rubirosa...but there's like one ship video for them in all of creation and it doesn't exactly blow me away. It's just one more reason why I've stuck around the SG-1 for so long - the fact that I can share my obsessions and interests with other people who care.

Damn you, L&O! And damn you strangely attractive Cutter! *raises fist* marry me?