January 20th, 2009

emma knightley austen

Vid Pimp: "Declaration" (Lee/Kara)

In honor of BSG's triumphant return, I bring a vid pimp for all of you Lee/Kara fans. Now I admit that part of the reason I'm drawn to this duo isn't because they're cute and fluffy. I mean, they've had their sweet moments but it's not their defining characteristic. So imagine my surprise when I came across an uplifiting L/K video! One that's upbeat and makes you get that giddy 'yay, they have a chance at a happy ending!' feeling. So if that sounds like something you would like, take a gander...

...for all those interested, the song is by David Cook. I just got his album and I gotta say that there are a number of really good songs on there (really good shippy songs!). Right now I am even planning *crosses fingers* a Helo/Athena video to 'Come Back to Me'