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thoughts on: once upon a time (season 2)

I did this after my initial marathon of S1 last fall, so I thought I'd do one for S2 before the new season starts.

3 Favorite Episode(s)
The Crocodile (Hook/Rumpel-centric)
And Straight On Till Morning (Hook/Bae-centric)
We Are Both (Regina-centric)

Thoughts: The first two should give you an idea about what I enjoyed most about this season. I thought the introduction of Hook, how it played into the back-story of Rumpel, was a clever way to integrate that character into the series' mythology. While I had several problems with this season (mostly pertaining to flow and emotional follow-through), the finale managed to make me forget a lot of it. I think this was one of the best uses of the flashback device - it actually affected the present in a meaningful way. Hook's change of heart was EARNED. We Are Both, well, I just thought was a solid episode all around....and one of the few Regina ones this season that didn't make me want to hit my head against the wall (I also love the hell out of Charming being all leader-y).

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In Which I Rant About Romance...

So I freely admit that I'm a romance junky - period pieces, rom-coms, superhero movies, the works. I say this before I make the following comments, just to give you an idea of where I'm coming from as a viewer.

WHEN YOU WRITE A ROMANCE, YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY WRITE. THE. ROMANCE. I don't care what genre you're in - fantasy, action, comedy, drama, whatever. You cannot have 1-2 scenes of a 'couple' together and then expect me to swallow the crap you throw at me after. I'm getting sick and tired of screenwriters' collective narrative laziness. They want the plot ramifications of the relationship, but they don't actually want to have to invest any time in writing it. If you're making an action movie you could probably get away with it, but when the entirety of a character or the entirety of the narrative depends on the audience's investment in a relationship, and you don't put more than maybe 5 minutes of thought into it...it shows...and it ruins any intention you had for that romance in the context of the movie/show/etc.

I'm specifically looking at the following:
Man of Steel (seriously, Lois/Clark had like one scene before they were declaring their epic love)
Oz: The Great & Powerful (I could write a whole dissertation on my problems with gender dynamics in this movie)
The White Queen (did they love each other because they're both pretty? was that it? because he legit tried to rape her...)
Now You See Me (this 'romance' was so tacked on, it was painful)
Les Miserables (I know this is based on something that's existed for years, but they could have at least TRIED to make me care about Cosette/Marius)

Those movies certainly aren't the only ones, half of the teen romance movies spawned from Twilight have a similar feel. Those movies made millions of dollars, all of it based on a 'romance' that involved the male lead looking like he wanted to vomit. I don't even know...

This, of course, isn't to say there aren't recent exceptions. Iron Man 3 and Warm Bodies being two that come to mind. I just want to know when being TOLD characters are in love became more common than being shown WHY characters are in love.

Seriously though, I hated Oz.
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Thoughts On: Man of Steel

What a visually stunning....mess. Zack Snyder has proven time and time again that he can make a pretty movie...what he has yet to me prove to me is that he can make a good movie. Man of Steel, for all of its gorgeous costumes, pretty actors, and stunning explosions is a mess on almost every level. It's a shame because I think the idea was there and the performances (from most of the cast) were good.  Since it's late and I'm tired, I'll just break it down by sections...

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New Shows?

So I'm thinking about marathoning some new show(s) this summer....anyone have suggestions? Here are things on my list as of right now:

Orphan Black (Season 1)
Scandal (Season 2)
Call the Midwife (Season 1)
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Thoughts On: Summer Movies

I just got back from a preview screening of The Heat and I that got me to thinking that I should write down some thoughts about recent films I've seen. For my own frame of reference, at least.

The Heat: A (release date: 6/28 in US)
I had tickets for an advanced screening, so I got to see it about a month early (and for free, booyah!). I have to say that I seriously loved this movie...like....you don't even know. I can't remember laughing this much in the theatre. Granted, I don't see many comedies in the theatre. The humor is something that may not be for everyone (there are a lot of crude jokes and profanity abounds) but if you aren't squeamish about that kind of thing I definitely suggest checking it out. I love Bullock, and she plays the straight-man very well, but it will be McCarthy who people talk about. She gets the biggest laughs - with the exception of one sequence, which Bullock is just perfect in. The two actors balance each other out so well that you kind of want to watch a weekly show where they work together to take down perps. Also, I appreciated that the movie didn't shy away from the gender issue, it's brought up throughout...but it's never preachy or overbearing (often it's flat-out hilarious). I can't say enough about this movie.

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On an unrelated note, F*&# you, Game of Thrones.
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Poor neglected LJ...

I was reminded a bit about how much I missed all of you quality people on LJ, so I thought I'd make a conscious effort to post more! Let's play catch-up. If you're so inclined, fill out this little summary report of your current fandom goings-ons!

  • Current Shows You Watch

  • Current Obsessions

  • Last Movie You Saw (and Loved)

  • Last Movie You Saw (and Hated)

  • Any new shows you're excited about? Any new movies?

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VID | Medicine (Hook, OUAT)

I know I don't post much on here lately because I'm lame (and tumblr steals my attention), but I'm going to try and be better about it! Anyway, blah blah blah...VIDEO! While I had some issues with this season of "Once Upon a Time", the finale sort of washed away all of it for now. Instead, I'm just left a ball of Hook-based emotions. Anyway, this is my attempt to illustrate the story that played out in the finale...as informed by the rest of the season.